LinkedIn and SEO: Building Your Personal Campaign

1217linkedinLinkedIn is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing yourself, and just like having your own website, optimizing is key. If you’re using LinkedIn as part of your SEO strategy it needs to be visible in organic searches within LinkedIn as well as outside of it.

Have you ever noticed on your page how LinkedIn suggests connections to you?  This is all based on what has been found right on your profile using those valuable keywords you’ve listed in your bio.  When a person visits your page profile those visits are recorded and made available to search engines, therefore being “popular” adds to SEO.

Sharing valuable content is another strategy we often use, if you have a blog be sure to tie that into your status updates or group discussions.  Link to your content and engage your audience.  If you have a business page, be sure to post there as well and monitor those who are commenting and sharing. Just to show you how valuable LinkedIn really is, go ahead and search for your name or company 99% of the time your LinkedIn page will be one of the first in that search.

How to work in keywords:

  • Include relevant keywords in your headline and job descriptions
  • Work keywords into your summary section
  • Add keywords to your skills & expertise section
  • Ask for recommendations & endorsements and give them too
  • Customize your profile URL
  • Join groups related to your industry and background and join the discussion

Using LinkedIn as part of your SEO strategy is highly effective when used correctly. The key is to build relationships and extend beyond the LinkedIn network.

By Liz Loizou-Smith

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