Email blasts – successfully get your message out

One of the easiest, and least expensive, ways to get your message out to your customers (and potential customers) is with direct mail, specifically, an email blast. Email blasts let you tell everyone what is going on.

The first step to email blast success is to create a customer (and potential customer) database that will continue to grow as you do. I add to my database weekly with new people I meet or even people I have worked with in the past. The beauty of including all of your networking contacts is that you never know when someone may need to utilize your services. By sending them an email blast on a regular basis you are keeping your name fresh in the minds of those receiving the blast.

Your content should vary but keep in mind that you want to keep the reader engaged by letting them know what is going on in your organization. It is best to include things like a webinar you may have coming up which includes a link for the reader to register. Or maybe your company has just released a press release or has some other internal news to share, like a new hire or promotion. How about a conference you may be attending in the near future? You can ask the reader to come visit you there. An email blast is also the perfect way that you can find out what your clients think of your business. You can include a survey asking for feedback on a specific product/service or even ask what your customers would like to see in the future. This customer input is crucial to keeping your company on the market forefront. Perhaps you have a new product/service to share, why not let your customer database be the first to learn about it?

Ani Marketing Service creates and sends lots of email blasts each month for a variety of clients. If you need help with email blast content or someone to do this task for you, please give us a call. We would love to help!

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