Trust and Honesty

Recently I have been listening to a lot of Billy Joel. He has a song “Honesty such a lonely word…”  Its true Honesty is getting harder to come by. Everyone is looking for an edge and stretches the truth, when was the last time you actually got the gas mileage on the sales sticker of your car?

We need to maintain trust and honesty at all times. Once you lose a customer’s trust it is next to impossible to regain it. It sounds simple be honest and gain your client’s trust and enjoy the relationship. However, we all know clients and customers get more demanding we make desperate promises and then we need to come through. Don’t get sucked into that vicious cycle. Provide information that is relevant and honest up front and you will build trust that will create a relationship.

Daniel Newman at The Huffington Post said:

“For most brands, especially those that don’t have endless financial wherewithal to spend on their marketing efforts it comes down to creating content that builds trust between the brand and the consumer.”

Supplying content or information that builds trust is important. Once we went to the aquarium, I looked online for their hours then we asked the kids if they would like to go to the aquarium, loaded the car and drove for 50 minutes (with a three and half and a one year old). When we got to the aquarium there was a large sign across the parking lot “Closed for Construction will reopen in June”.  I won’t go into the conversations that took place inside the car over the following few minutes but, there was a lot of disappointment, frustration and frantic placating of children. Where was this information on the website when I looked at the hours of operation? Why couldn’t they state up front they were closed for two months?  It’s a lesson we should take to our own efforts to draw in clients and customers. Be upfront when we are having difficulties or issues that we know will lead to customer or client dissatisfaction.


“In this environment, trust is a huge advantage. But few advertisers, marketers, or sales professionals focus on this advantage. Instead, they drift to cute advertising, low prices and discounting, or rely on product-centric presentations.”

A lot of times honesty up front about what we can or cannot do will make your customers trust you. Our car can get up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway but, mostly you are going to see around 25 but, it’s a 6 cylinder car that takes regular gasoline and, has amazing horsepower and handling. I bought that car over a month ago over the car that promised 32 miles per gallon highway as I appreciated the honesty from my salesman.

Trust and honesty are important in so many ways. Its how we teach our children, it’s how we build relationships with our families and it’s also how we make important decisions as customers. I am going to go listen to Billy Joel some more he has some sage advice about an Italian Restaurant.

-Becky Rubin

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