Case Study: Value-Added Content

One of the truly great things about Ani Marketing Service (AMS) is that we truly believe in value-added content.  One great way to learn about what interests your consumers is to ask them.  It’s an obvious solution, but we often forget how easy it is to influence someone’s feedback.  That’s why the most candid input is the best and the most objective; usually solicited either anonymously or by a third-party.  Here is an innovative example of something that our team did to successfully solicit customer feedback anonymously—and how we used it to generate leads.

One of our clients needed some fresh webinar content after participation in its monthly webinars fell from 125 to 5 over five years.  The AMS team devised a plan that utilized customer input by designing a short survey for past webinar participants.  The survey was online and anonymous.  We knew that a long and intensive questionnaire would lead to poor quality responses and response rates.  We also knew that the questions had to be thoughtful, in order to elicit meaningful ideas from the client’s consumer base.

We distributed the online surveys, on behalf of the client, and within a few days we had a 65% response rate.  With this input, the client discovered fresh topics as well as “tried-and-true,” topics for its webinars.  We put together a monthly calendar, with confidence in expected webinar participation, because the topics were generated from the consumers.  When the new calendar rolled out, our client averaged 15 webinar participants per month—at least 5 of them were new leads or interest from existing customers who needed additional services.  Needless to say, the client was happy, and so were we.

We used our customer feedback to provide quality content, which was translated into webinars to effect lead generation—it’s a mouthful, but it’s true!

Ani Marketing Service loves being rewarded when we use our inspiration and innovation.  We get this from members of our team, as well as our clients and prospects.  We also enjoy sharing these stories and case studies with you.  We hope you learn some things from them, plus it reminds us of all the ways we have helped our clients.

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