‘Out To See’ — A South Street Sea Port Event!

The last few months I’ve had the pleasure to work with an amazing group of individuals on an event to bring back the South Street Seaport community.  Together we’ve formed the “Out To See” event, a collaboration of artists and musical performers taking place in the heart of the South Street Seaport on Saturday, March 1st, 2014.

What began as a local, grass-roots effort trying to energize the community in the wake of hurricane Sandy has blossomed into a full-scale event intertwining 17 local stores, restaurants and venues. Artworks, curated by Sara Reisman of Percent For Art, will be installed throughout the entire neighborhood in local businesses and unused spaces. Music performances will take place in the evening at Front/Row on Fulton street. The goal of the event is to encourage visitors and locals to explore the Seaport and all it has to offer.

For a list of performances and participating venues you can visit the “Out To See” website and be sure to RSVP on the event page. In the coming days, we’ll be posting more information on artists and performers on the Ani Marketing Facebook page.

See you there!

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