Keep your friends close …

Isn’t it strange how all your holiday parties end up on the same night?  The night before I left for my Christmas vacation, I had three of them.  Two of them were somewhat work-related, and I knew had to go to those.  The last one was the party of a friend, who I haven’t seen for probably over five years, and I knew I would have some genuine fun, if I could squeeze it in.

The evening was great!  I went to all three parties and met lots of people, including my friend’s sister, who works in sales for a technology company.  She took the time to share the difficulties of her job, and it was very insightful.  In fact it served as an excellent refresher for me, especially as we head into 2014.  Here are some of those takeaways on effective selling that I’d like to share:

  • Selling requires persistence, optimism, and time,
    in all kinds of economic climates,
    especially with a younger company,
    even if the organization has a well-known name or big-brand clients.
  • Make sure to understand your sales cycle and
    appropriately supplement that process to
    maximize your selling effectiveness.
  • Spend time analyzing your sales hurdles/losses and
    update your pitch and collateral to make it easy to
    address the challenges that have hurt you the most.
  • Each salesperson can only do one thing at a time,
    which is why marketing support is valuable for larger outreach.
  • Sales are built on needs and relationships;
    the stronger they are, the greater the correlation to revenue.

Successful organizations are aware of these fundamentals and the commitments they must make to their sales teams if they want their companies to have long term viability.  They also know that one person can never have all the answers.  That’s why many of our Ani Marketing Service clients hire us – to bring in a fresh perspective and to enhance the effectiveness of their sales teams and business strategies.

My biggest lesson came from the final bullet about relationships.  My team and I spent a large part of 2013 looking for new business relationships and enjoying quality time with our families.  Those were very good objectives, working on both new and strong relationships.  This year we’re going to be even better by shoring up the relationships with our friends.  Our friends know people, and it’s a lot easier to “sell” to someone who knows of you than someone who doesn’t.  In fact, who knows?  Maybe I’ll get some business with my friend’s sister … that’s the way viral marketing works!

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2014!

All my best, Aruna


“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.”
~ William Blake~

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