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We’re living in a world of increasing expectations and a 24/7 work ethic.  Quality people step up for these rigorous demands, especially when our environment favors the “buyer”.  I actually spoke to a colleague who reinforced this perception:  “I know I’m in the driver seat because I work for a company that has budgets to spend on value-added solutions.  That’s an immense amount of power in today’s world.  I can be a real jerk if I want, asking vendors for unrealistic proposals and not even being serious about the projects.  And even if the vendors sense this is a “fishing trip”, they still will provide proposals because they don’t want to miss out on potential business.”

Isn’t that the truth.

* Scenario #1:   Day 1 — Prospect desperately calls for rebranded website in 6 weeks.  Day 2 — Proposal submitted.   Day 3 — No response.  Day 4 — No response to call or email.  Week 2 — No response to email.  Week 3 — No response to call.  Week 6 — Follow up response to our email, “Thanks for your interest.”   Month 8 — Website not rebranded.

* Scenario #2 :  Monday 2pm — Marketing strategy requested by the end of day.  Monday 9pm — Marketing strategy delivered.  10 days later — “It’s too strategic.”

* Scenario #3:   Friday 10am — Four week email campaign content due on Monday.  Sunday 9pm — Campaign delivered with four unique and related calls to action.  Monday 2pm — Operations rewrites all content.  Thursday 12pm First email distributed with 6% response rate.

What’s your gut reaction?  Fun?  Frustrating?  Fine?

It doesn’t really matter.  Prospects and clients absolutely have the right to decide if, or when, they want to start a new project and how they want to do it.  However, what people often forget is to appreciate the effort that went into those quickly-prepared strategies, proposals, or campaigns.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to say that four letter word, “Tanx”.  Okay.  Maybe it’s not really a 4 letter word, but you get the point.  A little bit of appreciation goes a long way.  And isn’t this a nice time of year to remind ourselves of that.

Happy Holidays!

All my best, Aruna


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