Defining Expectations

No matter where you go, there you are.

We just hope it’s where you want to be.

One of the most common challenges my customers are facing is defining, and sticking with, their business objectives.  In general, the goal is to make money faster.  We all can agree to that.  The challenge is that there are many marketing ways to get there.  Branding, public relations, online social media, and sales are a few of the more popular strategies.  They all can be successful, but as much as you’re not going to like to hear it; they’re somewhat interdependent.

So what’s happening?  People are starting down one path, getting impatient for results, and changing strategies mid-stream.  You know what that does?  It slows down progress, makes people more frustrated, and encourages them to make more changes.  Now these companies are even further away from getting the results and revenues that they wanted.

We at Ani Marketing Service believe that the best source of revenues stems from your existing customers, whether it’s an upgrade, cross-sell, upsell, or referral.  Put a plan in place to reach out to your customers and then make sure you have the support collateral you need to reinforce your message – a branded email signature, an updated website (albeit simple), a leave-behind piece of literature (a one pager is fine).  Most likely you’re going to get some business from this initial outreach.

Then, for those contacts who are not yet ready to purchase something, make sure you put them on a stay-in-touch campaign – postcards, emails, relevant articles – regular communications that are informative.  So, when these prospects are ready to consider buying something, you are on their short list.

It’s marketing philosophy that is short, sweet, and direct.  Believe me, if you try it and stick with it, we’re certain you’ll see results.  Our other customers have.

All my best,

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