Advanced Social Media – Turning Followers into Influencers

Oct 29-30, 2013
Boston, MA

Developing a social media presence is an art form and once you’ve mastered that first step, few road maps exist for what comes next. You’ve built the pages, posted the content and attracted a following. Now what?

This session will help turn your followers into fans, your fans into advocates, and your advocates into influencers and purchasers who are not just engaging online, but energizing your bottom line.  You’ll learn advanced strategies and tactics for reaching influencers and building a long-lasting online community using the best practices in social media.  You will also learn how to take social media beyond marketing and acquire the tools you need to deputize your employees for organization-wide social media engagement.

Finally, you’ll build a multichannel social media campaign and social media metrics dashboard, and engage in case-based problem solving with a group of marketing peers who also are keen to take their social media programs to a new level.

Advanced Social Media Learning Objectives:
– Develop a social media benchmark for your organization: What’s working and  why? Where are your pain points?
– Build a complete, multichannel, social-media-enabled marketing strategy, and integrate social and traditional channels to deliver a competitive advantage.
– Grow your base of followers, fans, readers and engaged participants across all of your organization’s social media channels.
– Map out your influencers: Who can help boost your brand online? Then determine how to tap into that powerful marketing engine.
– Learn how to calculate your social media ROI and build an engagement dashboard.
– Learn how to take your social media marketing to the next level, with advanced blogging and multimedia techniques, and tips and tricks to empower your human assets – sales reps, distributors, volunteers and customers – to help you achieve your social media mission.
– Develop a plan to respond to your burgeoning online fan base and engage customer and potential customers.
– Find out which FTC regulations might apply to you and how to abide by them.

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