The Need for Business Scalability

Too Much of a Good Thing

I once interviewed for a customer service position.  Apparently the company was looking for new business, and they felt that a customer service rep would do a better job than a sales person.  Needless to say, this story isn’t going where you expect.  The reason this company didn’t want to hire a sales person was because its last sales person brought in so much business that they had to let him go and deal with a 2 year backlog and a load of unhappy customers.

This is a nice reminder of the need for business scalability.  Right now most of us are focused on top line growth/cash flow, which is probably somewhat related to the need for profitability.  But as your business grows, you need to make sure you understand your organization’s bottlenecks, when you need to hire additional resources, and the capabilities required to properly fill those new roles. The goal is to grow your business in a way that doesn’t jeopardize the quality of your work.

Naturally, as we target business growth and scalability, we tend to focus on sales and operations.  It makes a lot of sense, since these are areas where an ROI (Return On Investment) can easily be determined.  The problem is that those functions can’t survive without the necessary support functions – finance, human resources, and marketing.  I know, it’s a scary proposition to think about also investing in overhead roles.  In reality, these roles help relieve your operational personnel from some of their management tasks – conversations about salaries, job expectations, and universal communications.  And at the end of the day, if employees can easily have these kinds of conversations, then they’re more happy and productive; giving you the upper hand on employee retention.

So, when you go for the “ask”, make sure you think about your organization holistically and invest in a well-balanced way to ensure its sustainability.  And, if you truly want to make a commitment to strong revenue streams and productivity, you should consider using Ani Marketing Service to both conduct internal surveys and produce internal communications for your company.  This will ensure that there is two-way communication between your leadership team and your employees:  It’s a small investment with a large payoff.

“If we are going to carry on growing, and we will, because no country is going to forfeit its right to economic growth, we have to find a way of doing it sustainably.”
~Tony Blair ~



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