It’s All Brand New

It all started with calf-branding, and now there’s a stampede.  There are so many companies out there and they all have brand identities.  The challenge is that information is coming to us at such a furious rate that all the brands seem to blend together, which makes it really hard to be a seller in this environment.  That’s probably why a lot of companies are coming to us for refreshed branding strategies.

There are a few things to consider when revitalizing your brand.  Firstly who are you and who do you want to be?  Secondly, how is that reflected in your logo, tagline, design, and key messaging?

Ani Marketing Service generally starts a branding exercise by interviewing your company employees, customers, partners, and/or vendors.  We ask for input on items such as the market climate, competitive positioning, and strengths/weaknesses.  This feedback is then aggregated and analyzed to articulate the existing brand perceptions and to determine the easiest and smartest revised branding strategy.

The summary report is used as an internal team building exercise to align the organization with a “current” creative vision, including the logo, look-and-feel, tagline, value proposition, and positioning statement.  Once your new brand is ready for its rollout, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to rally your organization around some new sales and marketing campaigns.  You can really use this momentum to impact your topline.

If you’d like some specific examples of some refreshed brands, please reach out to us.  We’ve got lots of stories and references to share.

“A branding program should be designed to differentiate your cow from all the other cattle on the range. Even if all the cattle on the range look pretty much alike.”
~ Al Ries, Marketer~


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