Brand Value Basics

Branding your company is not rocket science. It’s based on consistency and regularity. This means that your brand needs to have a strong identity and that the identity needs to be reflected in everything you, or someone from your company, touches. Easy enough, right?

If you already have your branding firmly established, then maybe you are looking for enhanced brand value so that you can stand out from the rest of the pack. That’s pretty easy also, if you have the discipline.

Brand value is reflected in content. Your company must have a story to share and that story needs to be reflected in your communications strategy, whether that is content-driven or through visual-imagery. To be successful, you need to have the basics established:, identity, objective, and distribution. The magic, though, is in the communications. Here’s a summary of how you successfully increase your brand value:

1. Objective: This is so simple and very critical. Who are you targeting, how do you want to influence them, and how will you know you’ve been successful? This keeps you focused and more likely to be successful. If you are a small-town dentist, then your objective may be targeting 40-something parents to bring in their children for braces from 60 miles away.

2. Distribution: Find out how your target audience gets information and make sure you are represented there. This could be local papers, gymnasiums, friend recommendations online, conferences, magazines, etc. You don’t need to do everything. Just choose something that will get faster results, is easier for you to do, works with your budget, and you will enjoy doing!

3. Strategy: Establish your theme, which is usually seasonal, and determine what sort of content will support it. So if your theme is education, you could spend a season writing about different methodologies, regional nuances, or exemplary teachers.

4. Communication: Use your brand identity and your strategy to create unique value-added communications. Publish them on a regularly consistent basis. For example, these days most people use the web. So you can set up a blog for free and write weekly postings, which link to your website, if you have one. Then send people to your blog — verbally, with emails, through online social media postings, etc.

Your contacts will now regularly have something new to learn from you, which builds your credibility. They also have something to forward or share with someone else, which helps build your brand and your business.

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