Benefits of “301 redirect”

We have been talking about SEO for quite some time.  A question came up the other day about the function of a “301 redirect” instruction and how it benefits a webpage? The “301 redirect” is a permanent web server redirect where an old URL can be redirected to a new one.  This means that whoever types in your old URL, will automatically see your new URL without realizing there’s a “change of address”.  The benefits are:

• Customers with bookmarks or familiarity with your old URL will take longer to find you, which means you could lose their interest while they are searching for you.
• By having both URL’s active, the internet sees double the number of inbound links – better for SEO.
• If you only use the new URL, you lose the credit earned from the old URL.  This means the inbound links from the old URL will go nowhere, instead of going to the new URL and getting you more SEO credit.

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