Start Making Mistakes

The past few months, my blog posts have focused on spending these breezy summer months refreshing and reflecting in order to create space for innovation.  Our team at Ani Marketing Service has certainly benefitted from this process and we hope you have too!  As I continue this exploration, I want to highlight an important part of the innovative process: making mistakes.

I recently attended a conference where attendees candidly discussed seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth.  As innovators in organizations, the only way we can become comfortable with leaning into our creativity, is to become comfortable making mistakes.  Google is an incredible company that has achieved great success across multiple platforms on the internet.  What most people don’t know is that for every successful product Google releases, the company also releases products that flop.  For example, most people have not heard about Google Buzz—the company’s initial response to Facebook.  For whatever reason, Google Buzz never took flight and was shut down soon after it launched.  Years later, Google+ was launched and has since achieved relative success with 100 million+ monthly users.

The point is that when companies give their teams space to make mistakes, they create opportunity for growth.  Google Buzz wasn’t a great hit, but it was indubitably the starting point for Google+.  It might seem counterintuitive, but normalizing error within a company is one of the best ways to achieve success.  The idea is to create a culture of innovation and to decrease the fear of risk.  Not everything turns out perfectly every time, but we have to be willing to try.  The AMS team has always relished in our space and flexibility to try, fail, try again and succeed.  Start making mistakes; you might be surprised by all the successes that come out of them.

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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