The Big Idea

The Big Idea

This summer, Ani Marketing Service (AMS) has taken our own advice and spent a considerable amount of time reflecting, ideating and creating.  As I wrote in our last blog post, the summer is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past months’ experiences.  We have thought constructively about the strategies that worked for us this year and those that did not.  Within that process, we also have spent time individually and collaboratively creating new ideas around innovative strategies that have great potential for the future.  By making this summer a company think-tank, of sorts, our team is charged with the responsibility of generating numerous ideas, from the very big, to the very little.

A lot of times, the greatest companies and greatest creations come from the smallest ideas and fortunately, we have been given the space to produce them.  A few days ago, I ran across a quote by Seth Godin where he said, “Big ideas are little ideas that no-one killed too soon,” and he is right.  In any good company, it is important that you are given the space to ideate.  The smallest ideas that come to you, when brought to the table, have the potential to transform into groundbreaking creations.

As you think about the time that you devote to your work and your company, consider all of the small ideas that come to mind.  Write them down; they might be the next strategy that influences great results for you.  Share your ideas.  Another great quote by Godin states that, “The more you give your idea away, the more your company is going to be worth.”  It might seem intimidating to share out the little thoughts that pop into your head throughout the day.  The little ideas are what get the conversation and collaboration started.  If you’re looking for a good place to start on ideation, check out The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley.  It’s sure to help you with the process!

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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