Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

The Purpose of the Press Release

In the beginning, the press release was the primary way to share information, and generally its content was newsworthy.  With the advent of 24/7 tv coverage and the web, “news” has become a commodity and even valuable content is difficult to discern.  That begs the question, are press releases relevant, especially for businesses with tight budgets?

Ani Marketing Service likes to write a series press releases for its clients, because they force a company to think objectively about its business and to strategize about its communications.  This provides the basis for regular, strong, unique, and varied content, all supporting a specific theme.  This fresh content optimizes search engine placement and can be used across a range of digital media — websites, blogs, online social media, etc.  We suggest these press releases be posted monthly on a website and distributed to the company’s database.  And depending on available resources, an organization can also utilize a grassroots media list, distribute press releases over the wire (using traditional or digital services), and use the content on LinkedIn (usually good for Business to Business sectors), Facebook (generally good for consumer targets), etc.

The press release process is most valuable when a company makes the commitment to send communications consistently, whether that is done internally or through an agency.   The good news is that there are all sorts of resources available today, ranging in types of services and prices.  So a business can hire an individual, a small start-up, or a large agency, depending on its expectations and budgets.

We recommend using the press release as an inexpensive and value-added means of company promotion, and in reality, who couldn’t use something like that?

If you’d like to learn more about the press in general, check out Katharine Graham’s Personal History (LINK  It’s a wonderful insight to the leadership of Katharine Graham and her influence on the evolution of the Washington Post.

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