The Importance of Authenticity

This past month, our founder and president, Aruna, asked the AMS team to draft some of the lessons that we have learned about our social media efforts this past year.  I have played a key role in marking our social territory, so I immediately began reflecting.  One of the first things that I have concluded in doing this work is that it is hard, but it is important to be authentic.  Social media, on any platform, is time consuming and it takes thought.  I have written many blog posts about a variety of social media sites, that all revolve around the same concept: the production of authentic content.

Authentic content, in the social media world, is the Holy Grail.  It not only makes a company relevant, it sets a company apart.  There are about a million robots out there that tweet endlessly, day and night.  People might follow them, friend them, or re-pin them, but they do not engage with a robot.  People engage with people who represent a company that consistently innovates and puts out new or interesting thoughts into the social media stream.

Given our diverse skillset at AMS, it has been, at times, difficult to narrow the focus for the benefit of our social media audience.  We do a lot of different things in any given day, and figuring out what to provide to our audience can sometimes be overwhelming.  Our biggest takeaway this month is to maintain authenticity.  That directive might seem unclear at first, but it really is simple.  Part of what intrigues a consumer base is the authenticity of an organization.  People want to know about the inner-workings of the team.  Even this blog post gives you a little insight into how our team operates.  By providing a window into that process through social media, you can create the space for meaningful engagement.
Be sure to watch our team develop the authenticity of our brand as we continue to evolve across our social media platforms.  Check out our sites here— Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn—and tell us what you think!
Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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