The Power of Pinterest

The past couple of blogs that we have featured have centered on our foray into the wide and dynamic social media world.  This month, my focus is Pinterest.  Let me begin by saying, Pinterest is one of my favorite websites to use—especially in my free time.
When I sat down with the AMS (Ani Marketing Service) team, they challenged me to discover the unique marketing tricks of Pinterest.  I was immediately excited and invested.  Before we dive into the strategies that work, let’s get a little background first.  Pinterest hit the social media scene in 2010, and became a relevant force by mid-2011.  By creating a space where users could “pin” pictures of things they found and liked across the internet, the creators of Pinterest established a virtual goldmine.

Pinners using the website can organize their many “pins” onto different “boards.”  On my personal Pinterest page, I have a board that I’ve titled, “I’ll Take the Whole Menu,” where I solely pin pictures of recipes and food.  When you click on the picture of the recipe, you are taken to the website where that picture originated.

Best of all, when I pin anything to my boards, it appears on the homepage of any of the people that follow me.  It is very similar to the newsfeed from Facebook—people can see my activity.  If they like what I have pinned, they can “repin” it, and repinning is where Pinterest becomes a viral resource.  Pinterest has a few privacy settings that you can utilize, but for the most part, it is much more public than any other social media website.  As my friends repin pictures from my boards and vice versa, it is shared with their followers and my own.  Repinning continues and continues until people that I have never met are sharing pictures of things that I liked because they liked it too.

So how do you find a marketing strategy in that?  You begin by fully understanding the kind of company you want to be.  I ventured into Pinterest to better support our work with a fashion-based client.  With that in mind, my work on Pinterest would need to promote the lifestyle that we are selling with this company.  The client is based in New York City and has all the flair and hipster edge of your average New Yorker hailing a taxi in Chelsea.  With a few images of inspiration in my head, I set about creating our boards.

The most important boards that I arranged featured the actual product.  This client has several lines within its brand.  The names of each line serve as perfect titles for boards.  On each board, I provide several different shots of the product, along with people wearing that product.  But on Pinterest, showing your product is not enough.  You need to breathe relevant life into your page.  I created other boards to really build and develop the image of the client.

As I pinned, others repinned, and I really began to see the nature of the community that I was creating for this client.  Pinterest truly is a new world, and it is wholly different from other websites that we use to connect.  I encourage you to get on, if not for your company, then for yourself.  If you’re looking for even more tips to join the pinning movement, check out Pinfluence by Beth Hayden.

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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