The Importance of Clear Executive Summaries

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In the past week, I’ve discussed strategies with three start up companies that need new or revised executive summaries.  One is a language company, which has an excellent product description.  Another is a social media “app” that does a great job of explaining the user experience. The last is an online health program, with a compelling description of its market need.  What each company is missing is a clear explanation of a customer problem and a succinct description of the unique advantages of its solution.

Easy enough to do?  Of course it is, but you would be surprised by the amount of marketing collateral that is missing this kind of opening statement.

Have a look at your promotional material.  Is the following obvious and consistently addressed?

– Who is going to read it?
– What problem(s) does this target audience have?
– How are you going to address your buyers’ needs in a clear, compelling, unique way?
i.e., What are your solutions and why are they the most effective?
– What is the call-to-action?

We know you know the answers to these questions.  The real issue is: can you put your answers together in such a way to  effectively communicate it to your buyers?  Most of our clients answer, “no”,  because they know too much and are challenged with how to select their salient points and how to best express them.  That’s why they hire us:  we know how to distill information “just enough”.

If you think you might “know too much”, or if you are interested in learning more about these interesting startups, let us know.  We’re here to help you move forward.

“The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal.”
– Max Levchin (former CTO of PayPal)

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