Surveys — Another Example!

I wanted to give you one last example of how surveys can work for you.  One of our clients, a private tech firm, developed a new software product.  They had just released a beta version of their application to a select group of users and wish to know how it was received.

Ani Marketing Service (AMS) designed and created a survey for them that would gather information on the beta testing.  AMS asked users their thoughts on the new product, what changes would enhance the product and would they purchased the product if the suggested enhancements were incorporated.  The survey was also designed to gather information on any current software bugs that may have made it into the beta release.

The results of this duel purpose survey enabled our client to bring to market a successful software solution. They were able to fix the bugs in advance and also enhance the app with functionality that the endorsers required. Without bringing a marketing group on board to help refine their app and target the appropriate customer group, the initial release of the product would have been less than stellar!


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