Surveys — Continuing our Discussions

Continuing with our series of discussions about customer surveys, we have another Ani Marketing Service (AMS) client, who provides interactive workshops for soon-to-be dads.  Our client wanted to encourage these dads to participate in a follow-up class, after their babies were born.   AMS achieved this by emailing a survey to the first-time dads, asking them what they remembered learning in class, what topics they would like to cover in future classes, now that they had some experience, and what would need to be done differently so that the former students would recommend the class to others.

The interaction was very valuable.  The client used the feedback to reconnect with its students.  Students were able to be more objective about their new roles as fathers. Additional workshops were established in response and the client’s survey re-encouraged student referrals.   The client incorporated information from the survey into a shift in strategy to better meet its student’s needs. This in turn helped boost future class attendance.

This is another example of how data collected from surveys can help companies reach the expectations of their clients.

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