If you can’t say something nice … wait until you can

Last week was a strange one.  My below neighbor complained about my construction noise, which happened to be coming from the apartment above.  My neighbor to the right asked if I could hear the loud music from the apartment to my left.  My neighbor to the left complained about my out-of-control party, when I was watching a movie by myself.  Apparently she was fed up after being told her music was too loud, yet she tolerated my crying baby, which really came from downstairs, and the four barking dogs, which live to my right.  Nothing like being the middleman, especially since I never complained to anyone.  I figured it was part of community living.

Why the long story?  Well, it’s actually about the silent power of branding.  This morning I left my apartment feeling like I had quite the reputation, but when I passed the concierge desk, he had a smile on his face and asked me if I was surviving in the middle of the apartment wars.  I did have a reputation, but apparently not as the problem child.

My personal brand was built with time.  Sometimes, though, you don’t have that luxury and you need to accelerate your brand value or change your brand perception.  For example, Ani Marketing Service has a client who wants to cost-effectively and rapidly build a consumer brand.  Within two months, product and advertising photography were taken and an e-commerce website was launched.  In the subsequent two months, six online social media sites were established with daily updates, a press and contact list were developed, and monthly press releases were distributed.  Our next phase is online engagement through an aggressive promotional campaign, followed by intelligence-gathering at a national tradeshow.

The good news is that the client’s digital brand recognition is steadily rising, around 15% per month, but we need to convert that recognition into online sales, which will need time.  We’re getting there, though, because we defined a strategy, are monitoring our metrics, and are continually adjusting our tactics when needed.

The client’s brand may seem silent for now, but it’s voice is getting stronger through methodical and deliberate marketing.  Let us do the same for you, your company, or your products/services.  Call us with your objectives, and we’ll give you some options to make them happen.

“To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.”
~William Shakespeare~


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