Surveys – A decision making tool

Ani Marketing Service (AMS) implements many different marketing initiatives for non-profit clients. One of our clients is a regional university alumni group, which utilize post-event surveys. They like to learn how to improve their events and decide if particular types of events are even worth repeating.

After each event, AMS sends out an online survey from the client, asking event participants multiple-choice questions – which take very little time to answer. AMS then analyzes and summarizes the survey data into an informative, readable report for the client. Who use it to help make future event related choices and directions. The client receives direct feedback on the event, and the alumni group gets additional, fresh branding. Furthermore, the alumni appreciate the interest and outreach, encouraging them to share information with other alumni and to continue attending future events.

Surveys and the resulting reports help our client determine if they are hosting useful, enjoyable events and give the event guest a sense of appreciation.

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