Using Surveys to Succeed!

Surveys come in many different forms.  One very effective way to conduct a survey is by phone.  A while back, we helped a start-up company determine a strategic product plan that would facilitate substantial growth.  We did this by interviewing approximately 75 CFOs, VPs of Finance, Treasurers and Controllers from prospective clients.  We asked these financial leaders for a few minutes of their time and gathered information on the types of software they were using, what was working well, what needed improvement, what gaps were in the market, etc.

We then quantified all the information we received, analyzed it, and put together a recommendation on the best product to roll out, based on this market validation.  It took us about two weeks to conduct this survey and report our findings back to the client. The client went on to assess the feasibility of building the recommended product and decided to simplify its offering by starting with one target sector, resulting in the immediate procurement of new customers.  All of this occurred because the client took advantage of the insights gained from survey results and analyses.

Remember that surveys come in many different forms, and we have experience in them all.  Let us know how we can help you gather the information that you need to succeed in 2013!

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