Monthly Survey Paybacks!

Thanks so much for your responses to our marketing survey promotion.  One of the responses, from a technology firm in the financial services sector, was particularly interesting. They wanted to get feedback on their customer service, so we put together a survey of four basic questions to send to the customers who contacted them.

The first survey went out to approximately 1000 people, with an average response rate of 10%.  Note that the responses were anonymous, unless the customers decided to deliberately leave their names.  Ani Marketing Service then compiled, summarized, and analyzed this baseline data, to learn that this prospect got low service ratings from their customers.

We plan to get this prospect on board to distribute monthly surveys, with the intent of increasing their response rates and their service ratings. We are looking forward to acquiring this new client and helping them turn this survey into a successful customer service endeavor.  We’ll keep you posted.

 Remember if you are in need of a survey, please let us know – we would be happy to help!!

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