Marketing Endeavors: 2013

We at Ani Marketing Service (AMS) enjoy seeing companies excel, and we want 2013 to be a very good year for them.  Some people believe 2013 is going to be an unlucky year since it contains an unlucky number – the number 13!  Interesting enough, the number 13 is a very lucky number for others.  We at AMS agree with the latter!    It’s going to be a great year for business!  It’s going to be a great year for your business since you will be ramping up your marketing endeavors.  And towards that end, we are going to highlight and suggest a dozen or so simple marketing practices over the next few weeks that will ensure your business flourishes.  To start with we will cover Blogging, Color themes in Branding, and Email Blasts!


When you think of blogs, you may immediately think of the stay at home mom that shares her insight into raising children or the health-conscious vegan who wants to share recipes with us.  But do you ever think of a company having a blog?  What would be the benefit to that?

Blogging for your company proves to the reader that you know the industry you are in.  By sharing industry standards or case studies you are letting the reader know that you are up to date on all the current events that affects your company.  It is also a tool to let people know what is happening in your company.  Are you getting ready to launch a new product or an update to an existing service?  Blogging about it will allow you to get the word out quickly and easily.  Blogging also helps set the record straight.  It facilitates opinions by correcting incorrect data that may be out there.  This is another way to show your readers that you are aware of what is going on.

By not blogging you make it harder to get engaged with the community.  Why should someone listen to you when all you do is talk about yourself or your product/service?  Blogging will make you credible.  It’s always good to give people some sort of context by keeping them objectively informed, which will ultimately make it easier for them to make decisions.   You don’t have a blog, seriously think about starting one but be faithful in your writing.   If you are having difficulties starting a blog about your company, go out on the net and read blogs by other people who may be in your industry.   Or start by finish reading this blog!

Color themes in Branding:

When you think of successful corporate logos which ones come to mind? How about Starbucks with its green, or Coca-Cola with its vibrant red, or maybe FedEx with purple and orange? There are so many memorable company logos and do you ever wonder why they chose those specific colors to represent their brand? When you created your company logo did you take into account the meaning of the color and how it will impact your company branding?

Choosing the right color for your brand is essential to the success of your company’s image.  Your brand says everything about your company. You will use it on everything that comes from your company – letters, envelopes, literature, brochures, logo, promotional items and more. So being selective in your color choice can help make you stand out in a crowd and above the competition!  Choose a color that complements and enhances your product and image you are trying to convey. There are so many color choices!  Colors can mean so many different things in different situations, in different circumstances, in different industries and especially, in different cultures.

Over the next few weeks, we will go through the different colors and what they have come to mean in the U.S. world of branding and advertising.  Americans have developed a widespread understanding of each color and what they represent! Stay tuned for our next installment on colors and their meanings and how choosing the right color theme can make your company stand out!

Email Blasts:

A well-positioned email blast is one strategy that companies can easily master.  It gives you incredible market penetration and allows you to do some pretty cool things with your client base.  Successful email campaigns are one of the easiest ways to strengthen brand and reputation in a cost-effective manner.  When written thoughtfully, email blasts can keep your company in the forefront of a client’s mind.  It is an opportunity to artfully craft a message that ultimately drives viewers to your website, your blog, your business.

Email campaigns are also an effective way to manage your client base, in addition to connecting to it.  With programs like MyEmma, you can monitor the way that recipients interact with your message.  You can cull data that tells you which customers clicked through the email to your website, and which did not.  This information can lead you to tailor your strategy accordingly, and allow you to maintain a database that is useful and responsive to your company.

In a world where we often flock to social media in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it is definitely important to keep emailing in mind.  A successful campaign is an effective way for you to share information with current and future clients, while encouraging them to use your product and/or service.  If you’re looking for more on the art of email blasts, be sure to check out a more extensive blog that we wrote last year, “Emails are the Foundation for Online Social Media.”  It has a few tips and tricks in there to get you started.

We have touched upon three of the endeavors a company needs to incorporate into their marketing plans for 2013.  In the next couple of weeks, we’ll introduce you to a few more marketing endeavors that will ensure a successfully year of business.  Follow our page to stay abreast of your marketing needs!

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