Managing Your Social Media Strategy

The social media frenzy hit the marketing world circa 2008.  Everyone jumped to take advantage of the new vehicles for consumer interaction—including Ani Marketing Service!  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr; the list is literally endless.  In this sea of boundless consumer engagement, it is, however, easy to get lost.  The “amateur social media analyst,” might be inclined to dive into the deep-end and tackle them all.  It seems simple; what could possibly be so difficult about managing five or more platforms at once?

As AMS has grown in our social media strategy, we have discovered the issue within that very line of thinking.  Managing a social media brand is a tricky affair.  Each platform operates very differently for its users.  Twitter is a place to share seemingly random thoughts that come to mind throughout the day—they might seem random, but accomplishing that sentiment via Twitter is an intentional art.

The messaging on Facebook also takes on a very specific look.  Facebook is where you share the whole of yourself: your pictures, your thoughts, your favorite articles, all in the name of garnering the most likes, shares and discussions.  We post to Facebook to invite people into our world and gain validation by the conversation we spark within it.  The same distinctions can be created for each social media space.  They all require something different, and mastering their nuances demands finesse and knowledge.  It demands knowledge of your brand, knowledge of your consumer, and knowledge of your purpose in using it.

The same is true for the culture of each online community – each being unique.  So where do you start?  The AMS team has found that conquering one beast at a time is the most effective strategy.  Spend one month focusing on your Twitter account, for example, and engaging your audience with a limited number of characters.  When you have achieved measurable successes, write down your process, and perhaps move on to connecting with people via pictures and quotes on Pinterest.  Follow these steps with each platform until you have successfully created a campaign that incorporates them all.  It is a process, but in the end, it is worth it.

The key to a truly successful marketing strategy is putting quality behind your work that will make the result seem effortless.  That type of mastery takes time, so let’s commit to it.  Which platform do you plan to conquer this month?  My goal for February is Twitter, so be sure to look out for Part II of this series to see what happens!

If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment below, or tweet me @jordan_AMS.

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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