Streamline Your Way to Productivity

The other day, I was browsing the internet looking for inspiration.  As it usually happens, I came across a statement that I loved, “Having a single call to action gives people only one thing to do and stops them wandering down the wrong path…Only give them one thing to do and they will be more likely to do it.”

This reminded me of a conversation that the AMS team had during one of our conferences a week back.  Our company is a diverse and dynamic organization with project managers and consultants working around the clock on multiple projects.  We do a tremendous job of balancing the heavy plates, but as any company knows, the key to success is in productivity, and constantly evaluating the processes of operation.  This is something that AMS does daily.  We are always asking ourselves, are the tasks before us leading us down the most efficient path to success?

With this in mind, AMS founder and president, Aruna Inalsingh decided to prioritize our calls to actions.  For our team, it is impossible to have a “single call to action,” as the quote from my internet perusal suggests.  So we modified it.  Let’s prioritize our actions, on a team level, so that we are all aware of what the most pressing actions are, individually, and as a group.  It’s a small adaptation that makes a world of difference and maintains consistency throughout the company.

AMS team works nationally, so this step was imperative.  On those moments where we cannot come together, we already know where we stand with one another and our productivity and potential multiplies.  If you are looking for modifications to streamline your company operations, look inward, and start small.  Sometimes the smallest change leads to the largest and most profound yield.

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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