Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge

Have you ever thought to share your company’s most effective strategy with another company?  The idea seems backwards and radical doesn’t it?  In a time where companies must constantly innovate to find new business, disclosing company strategies might not seem like the best idea.  Consider this.  If you begin to think about every interaction you have as an opportunity to market your company’s potential, the idea of sharing strategies might not seem so bad after all.

An example might be helpful.  Perhaps your company has had tremendous success with increasing readership on your company blog.  The increased readership has led to a greater company presence and greater clientele.  It might seem smart to bask in your success alone, but there is another way to capitalize on this accomplishment.  You might write a case study about the steps that you took to increase your blog readership, outlining the various turning points along the way.  Publish the case study to your company website so that others may use it as a resource.  In this scenario, your company invariably gains exposure as something of a social media powerhouse; other companies look to it as a resource and example.  In doing so, your presence in your industry becomes validated, and options to work with your company expand.  People begin to see that you are good at what you do because you have made that information readily available and it opens their eyes to a wider range of how your company might be able to help them

Another outcome, now that you have acknowledged and formalized what you’ve done with the blog, is to naturally use that information in a wider range of contexts.  Perhaps you find yourself at a dinner where someone is complaining about failed attempts at social media.  You might use this as an opportunity to invite them to lunch so that you can share the approach that you used and how it could benefit them.  In either case, sharing the knowledge puts you at an advantage and opens you up to collaboration.  In this scenario the opportunity is even more direct.  By connecting with a fellow businessperson in need, you expand your network, and demonstrate to this person your ability to fill a wider range of business needs.  From there, possibilities to expand your own company and collaborate with others can be endless.

Sharing the knowledge of your company might not seem like the first step for expansion, and in some cases it is not.  It is up to you to evaluate which strategies to share, and go from there.  The idea is to begin thinking outside of your company box in order to demonstrate your value to the world.  Try it out and let us know what happens!

Jordan Hardy, Marketing Consultant

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