Mobile Marketing – From Ideation to Creation to Measurement

Mobile Marketing Training Series
10/24/2012 – 10/25/2012
Chicago, IL 60601

Mobile as a marketing channel is exploding.  Like any new industry chaos reigns initially as ideas emerge and compete.  But mobile has been around long enough.  We now need to tackle it from a strategic marketing perspective and go beyond simple executions.

Most workshops entail a classroom setting focused on “book” learning.  The most effective way to learn best-in-class mobile marketing concepts is by doing.  By providing a hands-on learning experience, participants will gain a 3-dimensional knowledge that serves as a base for future executions vs. flat textbook training.

You will benefit from both instructional and hands-on learning.  Teams will be challenged to create and implement a short mobile marketing campaign and gauge their success.  To ensure success of the hands-on learning, teams will be formed beforehand and pre-work will be provided.

Mobile Marketing – Learning Objectives
– Understand and apply marketing strategy to mobile and alternate technologies
– Learn what can and cannot be measured
– Create and execute a mobile campaign
– Learn how mobile creates engagement
– Integrate mobile into a multi-channel campaign
– Separate media hype from true business impact
– Learn what technologies are ready and which are not

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