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Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge

Have you ever thought to share your company’s most effective strategy with another company?  The idea seems backwards and radical doesn’t it?  In a time where companies must constantly innovate to find new business, disclosing company strategies might not seem … Continue reading

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FOR SALE: Marketing Case Study for $500

Wait a minute.  Is that right?  I mean, this is a New York marketing agency, isn’t it?  Shouldn’t a case study cost more.  Uh oh, if the price is this low, is there something wrong with them? This is a … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing – From Ideation to Creation to Measurement

Mobile Marketing Training Series 10/24/2012 – 10/25/2012 Chicago, IL 60601 Mobile as a marketing channel is exploding.  Like any new industry chaos reigns initially as ideas emerge and compete.  But mobile has been around long enough.  We now need to tackle … Continue reading

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Reaching the Non-Readers

As a marketing firm in the twenty-first century, it goes without saying that we familiarize ourselves with multiple platforms for content production.  Ani Marketing Service has created a presence that extends far into the depths of media and marketing.  This … Continue reading

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