2012 Research and Strategy Summit – Las Vegas

Leading Marketing Research Transformation…
October 1-3 | Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Today’s hyper competitive, ever-changing environment is causing a transformative shift in the market research industry. Marketing research and strategy executives are now expected to lead the evaluation and adoption of innovation for their companies.   An exciting time? Yes. An easy feat? Absolutely not.   With unique access to the world’s most forward-thinking executives and industry insiders, AMA’s Research and Strategy Summit (RSS) will challenge your thinking, deepen your insights and empower you to lead critical transformative initiatives for your business. Over the course of two days, you will be engaged in a highly-integrated, client-driven program that will energize you with fresh ideas, real insights, and meaningful interaction.

The distinguished speaking faculty will merge case-study learnings with client-side perspectives that will result in invaluable and in-depth insights into:  •The Best People and Companies in Marketing Research: Why They are the Best, and How They are Driving the Value of Research Across their Organizations  •Marketing Research Changes Anticipated in the Near Future and Preparatory Actions Vital to Successfully Managing Them  •Strategies for Expanding Your Marketing Research Network and Resource Base  •Proven Methods for Leading Marketing Research Transformation

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