Follow the Facts

This past week, the Ani Marketing Service team had a rather dynamic discussion about our company strategy and direction.  As we tossed around our thoughts, a reoccurring theme arose: our company data.  Are we gathering our data effectively and are we using our data effectively?  After our meeting, I came across a quote by Harry Beckwith that drove my thinking further: “People don’t gather data to make their decisions; they gather data to justify their decisions.”

I thought back to our team call, and went through the different points raised with this perspective in mind.  Often, businesses are required to make ‘radical’ decisions, even though the data is not there to support the initial choice.  For example, we have blogged and openly discussed our venture into social media.  With best practice examples in our peripheral, we set about creating our own campaign with a variety of platforms.  Months later, the team is asking itself, did we collect the data effectively?  If so, how can we use it to justify the decisions that we have made and will make going forward?  Based on our analysis, we will adjust our choices, collect more data and reevaluate in the future.  The trick is to understand that a company is going to make decisions that might not yield results immediately.  The important thing is to have the metrics in place to gather useful data, and then allow the information to take you in the right direction.

It might be difficult to wait out the data, but ultimately it is the most objective reflection of a company’s work.  Granted, gut instinct should not be wholly dismissed.  In fact, your ‘gut’ will often guide you in making those initial company decisions—like our social media conquest.  Just be sure to follow up those choices with data analysis.  If you’re looking for a great read on shaking up your marketing, check out, Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith.  It’s sure to give you a new perspective on modern marketing!

Jordan Hardy
Marketing Consultant

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