A company’s brand should be very deliberate!

What you see is what you get, or is it?

I work virtually with many people.  In most cases, I ‘know’ these people on the phone.  The most fascinating thing is that these voice relationships conjure up some sort of visual expectations.  I eventually end up meeting these phone friends, and sometimes I have to reconcile what I see, with what I thought I would see.

Why is that?  I imagine that someone who is serious on the phone is expected to have a more deliberate approach to appearance, but what we don’t take into account is that maybe this person is more serious because of the nature of the phone call.  Then, off the phone, the person is a bit more light-hearted, which appears in his dress, like a fluorescent green scarf!  It’s a big disconnect for a phone relationship.

The truth is that our personal brand is reflected in a variety of ways—voice, appearance, intentions, actions, etc.  We can choose the impressions we want to make, e.g., that’s what acting is about, but generally our individual brands are instinctive.

A company brand, though, should be very deliberate.  Often we don’t realize the range in which our brand is reflected and how easily it can be diluted.  Everything  should be consistent—the impression of your logo, your strategic messaging, and your campaign sub-brands.  In fact, as your organization grows, it’s nice to have a Brand Guard who watches over your communications.  It may be a luxury but consistent branding means increased recognition, which has tremendous impact on the perception and value of your company — and its products or services.

Do you need a Brand Guard?  If so, Ani Marketing is ready to stand watch for you—over your small studio or your large kingdom.  Reach out to us and find out how we can bring energy to your brand and strength to its value.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”
~Walter Landor~


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