The Power of Case Studies

The other day, we tweeted a quote by Seth Godin that said, “If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.”  That quote got our team at Ani Marketing Service (AMS) thinking about the power of case studies.  At AMS, we love putting out new and interesting case studies that describe the innovative things that we do with our clients.  In fact, a few weeks ago, we flipped the format of a case study on its head by doing one in video, as opposed to writing it out.  It was called The 10 Hour Transformation, and it details a unique situation where AMS only had ten hours a month to transform a company—and boy did we ever!

Releasing a case study like this—in written or video format—is a powerful way to highlight your company’s triumphs, the lessons learned, as well as an opportunity for reflection and strategy improvement.  Perhaps you should think back to an interesting experience you had with your company.  What was the end result and what lessons did you take away?  Or, you might consider following the sentiment in the quote we initially mentioned, by not waiting for some other company to write a case study.  Maybe, you decide to do something radical and different for your business.  If you do, chronicle it and take notice of what did work and what did not.  Then, write about it, and make sure you share it often!

If you get into a groove, you might put out a monthly case study for your company.  This would reinforce your company’s innovation and creativity, and it would also remind your company of its successes.  By making this information public, you demonstrate to your employees, partners, customers, and prospects your business’s processes that ensure success.

Make the commitment to quantify what you do today, and write about it.  If you need inspiration, here are some case study examples from two of our clients, Cetova and GL Associates, as well as AMS’s case studies.  Also, be sure to check out this Ted Talk by Seth Godin on being unique in the marketing world.

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