Marketing Your Business on the Internet: A How-To Guide for Increasing Your Company’s Visibility

Today, we’re having Jordan Hardy consult with Ani Marketing Service on the best strategies for refreshing your business and increasing your visibility by using the internet. The internet offers multiple options, and it is up to you to decide which ones would work best for your business.

First, it is important to understand that the internet is the best friend of any business operating in the twenty-first century. There are a slew of avenues to take when using the internet to perfect marketing strategy and increase visibility. Ani Marketing Service recently launched a social media branch to tackle platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to use in conjunction with other and more traditional marketing techniques like email marketing, websites and blogging.

Noticeably, businesses that find ways to generate an online presence often find themselves to be more successful than those that do not. Companies flock to employ social media networks—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—and reap the benefits of reaching large and diverse consumer demographics. The influx of online networking platforms undoubtedly provides businesses with unique and unprecedented marketing opportunities. Facebook allows companies to create spaces and forums for current and future customers to collaborate and discuss experiences, likes/dislikes, and more. Twitter enables companies to deliver real-time updates to followers about new services, relevant company information, etc. Finally, LinkedIn is a platform that provides the space for companies to use each other’s networks to grow their businesses. Each one is unique, yet they all bear strong similarities: tremendous power to connect a consumer base.

As a company, you might also consider writing a blog. A blog is a great way to garner intrigue and visibility by pulling customers into your company. Your online social media platforms should ultimately drive customers to a blog, which is dynamic and full of fresh content. No topic should feel off limits, provided that it gives clients something interesting to think about, and a reason to contact you.

Another way to consistently connect your clients to targeted information, is through an email blast. We recently featured a blog about the high potential of a well-placed email blast. Successful emails blasts are not long-winded and verbose; they are interesting and easily read within a few minutes. They are well-timed, so as not to clog inboxes, but keep your company relevant to consumers.

Finally, it is always important for companies to consider a more traditional outlet for internet marketing: a website. As a business, you must remember that customers need to have access to your information; a website is the key to unlocking better understanding about what your business does. The information on this website is accessible and should not change often.

As you consider how to incorporate and revitalize some of these marketing tips for your business, think critically about what your company needs. Social media platforms are incredibly useful, but perhaps your business would benefit from something other than the big three. Maybe your consumer base would be better served by a blog, email blast, or a website. Whatever the case, be sure to tailor your strategy to what works for you. If you want to see a new take on adaptation, check out The Skin I Live In by the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. It’s a whole new way of seeing things!

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