Opportunity Awaits

All of my clients want more business (and who doesn’t nowadays?!?); but It’s amazing how they all go about it so differently.

One client is full of ideas, BUT this translates into a flavor of the month club — one month she discusses bringing out a new product, another month she is targeting a new industry sector, the next month she is looking at a new geographical region, and so on.  Every time she gets close to making a decision, something better seems to come along.  The good news is that the company has A LOT of opportunity.  The challenge is that the revenues are flat.

Contrast this to another client who wants to establish his company in online social media within six months to help bring in new business.  He’s put together a monthly plan, learned and practiced all the marketing building blocks, and finalized the communications strategy with a website, blog, emails, press, and online social media. The reporting metrics have been base lined and he is already seeing a steady increase in market visibility.

Which company is more similar to your organization?  As Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Once you make a decision, make sure you follow through.  And if you don’t have all the right resources, contact us.  We make things happen every day for our clients, while maintaining your focus.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is
dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
~Thomas Edison~


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