Emails are the Foundation for Online Social Media

By Jordan Hardy, Ani Marketing Service

The variety in social media platforms is seemingly endless and dynamic, catering to every desire a company might have.  In the midst of all of this movement, one social media tool has remained consistently present:  Email.  It might not come with all of the bells and whistles of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It is, however, a platform that carries remarkable importance in the face of the online and social media frenzy.

Believe it or not, email is one of the most popular online activities, despite, “newer innovations in personal communication.”   92% of internet users actively use email, which represents a marketing demographic that must be addressed.  The question becomes, how does a company handle email marketing successfully?  In this blog we will begin to answer that question and give a brief introduction to the power behind email marketing.  Stay tuned for future blogs to really unpack the full potential of a successful email campaign.

Ani Marketing Service (AMS) spends a significant amount of time reaching out to current and new AMS clients via email.  We also create email campaigns that deliver specific information for our clients, based on what their target audiences need.  For example, we work with one company, Dadday, producing email campaigns that reach widely different demographics.  Dadday is a company that provides interactive workshops to anxious new fathers and their partners.  Accordingly, AMS creates email blasts that speak directly to four target audiences: former and future students of the class, medical professionals, retailers, and the press.  The core of our emails provide carrots of information to each audience about fatherhood—doing so in a meaningful and appropriate way—that will ultimately lead to participation in Dadday workshops. 

There are other points to consider when employing this marketing strategy.  An inundation of long-winded emails is not the key to success here.  A recent article suggested that, “We are now a community of scanners, so we want our information delivered in small chunks and sound bites.”   This quote speaks to the fact that it is critical to make email campaigns easily readable by highlighting the important content.  A reader should be able to scan an email and gather relevant information quickly.

This is further compounded by the fact that much of “email reading,” occurs on smart phones.  Be aware that your email might be read on a 2.5×3 inch screen, and scrolling endlessly is a consumer turnoff.  A crucial component of a successful email campaign is tailoring content for mobile platforms.  Companies must consider the question, “How will this look on a Blackberry, iPhone, or Android?”  By thinking within this framework, companies inevitably avoid long-winded emails and information overload. 

Email might not be the first thought when considering social media as a platform for marketing strategy, but it definitely should not be the last thought.  A variety of opportunities develop when using email to market your company.  It is always important to keep this in mind, especially in the face of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Believe it or not, well-written pieces can have a large impact on their audiences.  Watch the film, The Note, and you’ll have a greater appreciation for it.

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