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The content of our last couple of blogs has addressed a variety of mobile marketing techniques and applications.  The connection we have drawn in these discussions inevitably speaks to the prevalence and necessity of mobile marketing savvy.  To add to this running dialogue, this blog is about Quick Response Codes, commonly known as QR Codes.  This revolutionary system is quickly gaining headway in the marketing world, and Jordan Hardy (jordan@animarketingservice), freelancer marketer, has helped us with the explanation below.

A QR Code is a unique matrix barcode, usually in the shape of a square.  When scanned with a smartphone camera, a user is redirected to a website, a video, or some relevant bit of information.  The use for the QR code varies, making it a versatile marketing platform.  My first experience with QR codes came in a magazine issue for my apartment complex.  In one article, a QR code was embedded in the text.  The author encouraged readers to scan the code; in doing so, he was able to maintain his 700 word limit for his article, while providing a link to much more information that I was very interested in.  After quickly downloading a free application through the Blackberry store, my smartphone was equipped with a QR code scanner, which I then used on the article’s QR code.  I was immediately taken to the information that was supplemental to the article, which was on my apartment’s community website.  I did not have to type in a long web address; I simply scanned and was linked immediately.  I was pleased, because I learned something new about my apartment complex, and the author and the apartment complex were delighted that they had successfully shared something with their customers in an innovative way.

QR codes do much more than link users to websites or videos.  They can also sync information to your smartphone.  Some business cards are now released with QR codes displayed on them.  When a user scans the code with their smartphone, the information is automatically uploaded to the mobile device.  This convenience makes the transfer of information much easier for the consumer and the companies are assured that they are now in the consumer’s contact information, without waiting for a manual transfer which might never happen.

QR codes represent an innovative step for the marketing world, as they offer almost instant access to information.  As a marketer, this is a tremendous opportunity.  People are often intrigued by the simple idea of a QR code, and scanning this is quite fun.  The intrigue is connected to the instantaneity of the process.  It’s just a simple scan, and you’re linked.  Furthermore, QR codes can be placed virtually anywhere: newspapers, magazines, on food labels, even t-shirts.  The potential for business promotion and marketing is increased, as QR codes are the small hook needed to draw consumers in.  They remove one step in the process of promotion, as QR code users do not need to remember web addresses, commit typos, or rely on their memory.  Finally, creating a QR code for your company is a simple and easy activity.  Simply go on to one of many QR code generating websites like, http://qrcode.kaywa.com/, and enter the information that you would like to be converted.  With a couple of clicks, you are quickly taken to your new code, and it is ready to be scanned.  I even created one for this website in a matter of moments.   Scanning for information, scanning for identification – they’re certainly related.  If you want to see a very intriguing sci-fi moving involving scanning for personal identification, check out Gattaca. It’s not what you expect!

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