Changing Your Business Culture?

I worked for a client who believed that mature products need more marketing to help build brand value and increase revenue streams. Since the owner believed his product line had reached maturity, he made a commitment to invest in marketing.

The solution? The company’s owner had a multi-pronged strategy. Firstly, he hired a creative, technology-driven marketing manager. Then he decided to bring in a second team player who had similar ideas and style to the first. This not only helped create critical mass but also created a sense of urgency and imminence to future change. Secondly, the owner brought in a team member from another office location to ensure further buy-in and consistent change throughout his organization. Lastly, to ensure the change was effective, timely, and sustainable, the organization brought in Ani Marketing to consult on the vision and its application.

As a result, the new marketing team has seen tremendous success, sharing common goals and implementing them in complementary ways. Within months the company’s business culture has started to change by establishing consistent branding, infrastructure with flexibility, and internal/external communications for universal corporate identity.

Is this the kind of productive environment you would like to have in your organization? If so, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can work together!

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“For a branding strategy to be successful, there must be a vision, a top-down commitment and a long-term financial investment to start, and keep, the effort alive.”
~ David Gordon, Channel Marketing Group ~

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