Spunky or GLAM?

I love my “long” hair – you can do so much with it!  And even
when it gets to that ‘in between’ length, it still looks pretty good and no one
suggests cutting it.  But when I finally get that much-needed trim, it’s a
real psychological boost and people often ask me what I did differently to make
it look so nice.

What does that mean?  Sometimes people don’t always know what
they like, want, or need.  As a marketer, we engage clients who so much
love what they have, that they often don’t want to change it.  Not that
change is always necessary or that it needs to be frequent, but sometimes the
freshness of a planned change can reap unexpected benefits!

Look at Ani Marketing, for example.  I love my original website
design and I get positive feedback all the time, but, you know what?  It’s
not Search Engine Optimized (SEO).  And, after all my blogging (enews.AniMarketingService.com)
about the importance of digital media, we know that this is a fundamental
requirement for all business websites.

So I took the plunge and developed a new website.  Guess what? I
love it even more than my original one – it’s hard for even me to believe!
And with its SEO capability, I’m getting new business leads.

You can check out the new site by going to the website menu above.  The
URL is www.AniMarketingService.com. Maybe when you see it, you’ll be
inspired to freshen up your own look. If so, you know where to find me!

All my best,

They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
” – Warhol


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