The Big Apple

As CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is an icon for so many reasons:

  • He is the epitome of a visionary, taking his dreams and transforming them into incredible personal computers, handheld music players, tablets and cellular phones.
  • He is a role-model for business leaders, taking his company from bankruptcy to one of the top companies in the world.
  • He is a product developer’s dream,  creating a computer based on design research which touches on user’s creativity not just technical problem solving.
  • He is a cross-selling genius, linking each product to the others and maximizing how they can work well together.

No matter what your perspective is on Steve Jobs, I hope you agree that we can all learn something from him.  So while he steps down to take care of of his own person self, we should carry on in his tradition by listening, learning, and responding to the marketplace.

Please enjoy watching Steve as he delivers the introduction to the “think different” ads as well as reading Seth Godin’s write up on A Little Empty, about Steve’s resignation. Until next time….

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