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As you know, I love New York. However, even with the vitality of New York, it’s easy to get into a rut. So when I had an opportunity to work from London, I jumped at it.  

Believe me, it’s been great fun; but even with virtual marketing, work is still work, no matter where your desk is located.  The big difference in a new location is that very few people have pre-conceived notions about what you do, which is both a good thing and a bad thing; you need to create awareness to those who don’t know you while ensuring that you tailor your message properly in the new environment.

The process can be enlightening as you re-assess your company’s strategies to target new audiences — whether they are geographical, functional, or industry-focused.  It may be uncomfortable, but self-analysis is a healthy thing.  My strategic enhancements have had a positive impact already and I’m starting to see my client list expanding.

Would you like to revitalize your business development efforts?  If so, please reach out, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned!

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  Every story can be told in different ways.~ Greek Proverb

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