Somewhere Between Art and Science

I recently met with a friend’s daughter, who was telling me about her classes in middle school.  She really loves Humanities, so I asked her if there was a certain time period that she liked more than the others.  Of course there was, she loved Friday mornings – not the answer I was expecting.  Is there a lesson here?  Absolutely.  Be very specific with the questions you ask, if you want to get the right types of answers. 

In marketing, we do a lot of surveys – for new research, customer feedback, etc.  In these surveys, we need to be clear about the objectives of our clients,  and then we need to provide the properly asked questions,  in an appropriate order, that can be answered in a tolerable length of time, with a reasonable frequency .  It’s truly a combination of science and art, and experience is the key to success. 

Do you have some questions on this?  If so, let us help you get the right answers.

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