Q&A with Developer, Eric Klotzko

As we start thinking of summer plans, I’d like to continue with our interviews on websites.  This next one is about designing/developing your website, thanks to Eric Klotzko, Founder and Managing Director at Klotnet Software.

A couple of months ago, we asked Eric some commonly asked questions about developing websites, and we hope his answers will help you with your own website.  Let’s get started….

  1. How long have you offered website design services?
    10 years.
  2. Do you work alone, or is there a team?
    There is a team – however, everything that goes out the door gets inspected by me personally first.
  3. Describe the variety of websites you’ve worked on, and if you have any favorites.
    StephenKing.com the Web Tools for the Army. Shopping carts for mom-and-pop shops to MarketAmerica.com . . . Tool development for Google . . . Favorite?  It’s hard to pick just one!
  4. What is your favorite development tool and why?
    I like LAMP Stack on Mac using Coda, because it is fast, stable, feature-rich and the IDE is well thought out.
  5. What sort of things are your clients surprised by, or not prepared for, when building a website with you?
    That they need to be involved throughout the process to end up getting what they want . . . and that there is a non-trivial amount of leg-work that needs to be done before the first line of code is written (e.g., requirements definitions).
  6. What would you say to someone who is implementing a site for the first time?
    Define a budget and then work with an honest, reputable firm to see how much feature sets you can get for the budget.
  7. Have you noticed any recent technology trends?
    Every day it changes :) — gotta try and keep up.
  8. After you have defined a scope for a client, we find there’s a lot of scope creep.  How do you handle that with your client?
    We utilize  change orders, unless there are circumstances that allow me to let them have free changes.
  9. How do you define your client’s expectations, and how do you measure your level of success?
    We create a functional specifications document for mid-to-large size projects . . . and a Statement of Work with requirements listings for ALL projects.
  10. If you have a client that hasn’t liked the end result, how do you handle that?
    We work with them to understand where things fell short. If it was in the way we executed the project . . . it’s on me.  If the project was simply poorly conceived, or if they said “yes” without reading the requirements/agreements/emails . . .  it’s on them.
  11. How do you define your job as a developer, i.e., what’s a short 30 second elevator speech on how you would describe your job?
    •  Tour Guide to the industry for non-technical customers;
    •  Trip planner for pre-project to go-live
    •  Ship’s Captain for the voyage
    •  Crew below deck feeding the engines
    •  Harbor-master to safely tow them into port

Quite interesting, eh?  I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from Eric about his experiences.  If you would like to know more about his company, Klotnet Software, check out his website.

You can also look forward to next month, when we will have a Q&A with another website professional, who specializes in marketing.  Until then, if you would like to learn about a harrowing sailing experience, have a quick read on The Life of Pi.

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