The 10 Second Rule

A recent “Last Word” from The Week asked scientists about the validity of the 10 second rule, “If you drop food on the floor, how long before it’s unsafe to eat?”  The bottom line, as stated by Bryan McKeen, “is utterly redundant if you drop your sandwich on a pile of dog poo or your chocolate on a recently sterilized kitchen surface” — too funny. 

Of course, as we all know, the time of exposure and stickiness is also true of marketing campaigns.  A good campaign only needs a millisecond to be remembered.  HOWEVER, an effective campaign must ALSO be well-branded.  For the US television watchers out there, have you seen the campaign with the guy on the car roof wrapped as a Christmas tree?  The next in the series has him scrunched on the car floor. Do you remember that advertiser?  How about the new Old Spice man, do you remember him?  You can see how our recall is affected by the strength of the branding, not just the cleverness of an ad.

Let me help you spice up your campaigns by making sure they’re effective and wrapped up!  I’m ready when you are!
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“Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make.”
Philip Kotler

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