I Love New York!

New York was recently crippled by approximately 2 feet of snow.  At the time, the New Yorkers were silently accepting – they’re not prone to panic.  But after the fact, the opinions were flying:  “Why are we paying all these tax dollars and getting nothing for it?!?”  “Bloomberg shouldn’t be wasting our city dollars on snow equipment that we’ll barely use!”   “I heard it was a deliberately slow response from the union.”  It’s amazing, everyone had something to say, and their comments were usually good because they were based on some real knowledge.

That’s what I love about New York, its creative dissonance.  Everyone shares the same values – keeping it as the best city in the world (modesty is not a strength of New Yorkers) – but they all have different ways of getting there.  That’s what you want to do in your business, find people who share your vision in a non-myopic way.  Discussions with those people might be heated, but they will result in informed business decisions, minimizing unexpected market responses to your launches and campaigns.

Hey, there’s nothing like a little feistiness to get things warmed up!  Let me know how I can help heat-up your business.

All my best,

“We are of course a nation of differences. Those differences don’t make us weak. They’re the source of our strength.”  -Jimmy Carter

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