Who needs a website, anyway?

A lot of the recent AMS (Ani Marketing Service) content has been about driving visitors to websites via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  This puts a lot of focus on the website – its purpose & how that purpose should be reflected in design.  This posting will discuss the purpose of having a website, and we’ll discuss website design in a future blog.

Many people are not sure if they need a website, or they are overwhelmed by the thought of having one, or they don’t think they need to provide fresh website content.  How do you think of your website?

From our perspective, a website is generally a good thing because it can fulfill a wide range of purposes.  Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Credibility
  • Email address professionalism
  • Information-sharing
  • Lead generation
  • Purchasing
  • Style

Credibility: If someone wants to ‘check you out’, it’s more likely than not that they will ‘google’ you (look for you on a search engine).  Firstly, let’s hope they find things that you want found.  Secondly, wouldn’t it be nice if they found exactly what you wanted them to know, like information on your very own website?

Email addresses: It’s fairly common for people to have personal email addresses with extensions like gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.  If you would like to be taken in a more serious light, however, an email address with your website extension is very helpful.  For example, I prefer using my AniMarketingService.com instead of my aol.com email address.

Information: Some websites are purely to make it easy to disseminate information.  These websites might share unique information, might be a repository for resources of information, or might be a reader-friendly resource.

Lead Generation: People come to your website via either digital search (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing) or print media (business card, advertisement, etc.)  They found your website because they want more information before they invest in you or your company.  With a link to “contact us for more information”, it’s an easy and simple source of prospects.

Purchasing: These websites are to help you price items, order items, track items, etc.  They’re great for transactions that don’t necessarily need a lot of interactive support or can be done at any time of the day.

Style: Sometimes people want to learn more about you, or what you do, without getting the sales pitch.  With your own website, your identity can be reflected in its content, design, and functionality.  It’s the next best thing to dealing with you personally – so folks don’t have to communicate in-person, on the phone, or via email, until they are ready.

A website is really like a fashion statement: You can decide if it’s trendy or a staple.  Either way, it’s worthy of serious consideration.  By-the-way, if you’d like to see a beautiful insight into the world of fashion, check out “Coco before Chanel”.  It’s also worth serious consideration.

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