Seeing things in a different way

I usually take a train to my clients, so a lot of my fellow commuters now have familiar faces.  Lately, though, they’re starting to take on a different look.  Now I don’t mean the look of aging, although that’s probably true too, but I mean the commuters are now also in a sea of dark suits — serious clothing for serious times.

I’m also fairly confident that a lot of these folks are seriously looking for new business.  Buying lists seem to be a common solution, and sometimes they are worth the investment, but often these companies already have a list of names.  What the business and the sales teams really need is more support to validate these names and to formalize a process for focused follow-up with multiple and varied touch points.

Same names, different approach – just like the faces in the suits. Try it and make sure you give it enough time to work.  And of course, if you need some more insight, you know where to find me!

All my best, Aruna

“A great thought begins by seeing something differently, with a shift of the mind’s eye.” – Albert Einstein

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