Online Marketing: the Search for Optimization

A few weeks ago, we talked about online marketing and how it is a smart, necessary approach to growing your business.  This week, we’ll take a quick look at one component of online marketing:  Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO (add that to your acronym glossary!).

Let’s start with the basics:  Search Engine Optimization is the practice and methods of increasing traffic to a website from organic (un-paid) search engine results.  (This is different from Search Engine Marketing, which involves paid advertising placement.)  The ultimate goal is generating more visitors for your website, and the process includes making your site relevant to specific search terms and making it easy for search engines to access your site pages.

Important SEO tips:

  • Write the best content you possibly can.  Make it clear and concise, and utilize the keywords you want to emphasize in an appropriate and natural way throughout your site copy.  Repeating a keyword multiple times, a technique called ‘keyword spamming’, can damage both your ranking in search results and your reputation with potential customers.  

  • Do your research: check into any company/individual you hire to work on your site.   Every site component adds to or detracts from good SEO.  Your designer should present the information on your site in a pleasing and easy to access manner.  Your editor must write clear and informative copy.  Your developer should be on top of the latest technology and should make sure that the code on your site conforms to the latest standards.  Your site-optimizer must be credible, and should work with all of these other team members to ensure that all efforts work together toward the goal of a well-designed, well-built, well-optimized website.  Be sure to ask for specific examples of each vendor’s work and references.
  • Remember that search is dynamic, and that no one can guarantee a top-level ranking in natural search results.  Beware of any company who promises to do this for your site.  While you should re-assess your site from time to time and make appropriate changes to enhance the general visitor experience,   you should avoid making minute-to-minute changes to your site; stability and consistency are important for both your visitors and SEO.

Finally, remember that SEO is only one part of an overall internet marketing strategy.  Do it well, but don’t place all of your eggs in one basket.  There are many pieces to the internet-marketing puzzle, each of which has its own place in making your website a key component of growing your business.

Want to read about a different kind of search?  Spend some time with The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, a book about the shepherd Santiago who journeys to search for his life’s treasure, only to find it right in the place where he began.

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